Who is ICON?

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premiere performance suspension manufacturer specializing in aftermarket shock absorbers, suspension components, and wheels for today’s most popular trucks, Jeeps, and SUV’s.

• What makes ICON different from other manufacturers?

When developing suspension components for a new vehicle, ICON takes a different approach than many others. Rather than focusing in on one particular part, ICON engineers look at the vehicle as a whole, identify inherent strengths and weaknesses, and set a target for performance. With a focus on maximizing wheel travel and improving ride quality, ICON will develop components that address (and often times replace) OE limiting factors. This “holistic engineering” philosophy often results in the development of several parts designed to work together as a system to provide a balanced on and off-road performance upgrade. Because ICON is designing and manufacturing all of the components necessary to improve the performance of a vehicle from front to back, end-users can rest easy knowing they are dealing with ONE manufacturer, ONE standard of quality, and ONE awesome warranty to back it all up.

• What’s the difference between a lift kit and a performance suspension system?

The main purpose of a ‘lift kit’ is to simply raise the vehicle higher from the ground to achieve a desired look or stance, without actually improving the performance of the vehicle. Alternatively, ICON suspension systems focus on extracting the most performance possible from a vehicle while finding the optimal lift height for each application to allow for larger tire sizes as well as additional ground clearance.

• Which ICON suspension system is right for me?

Your ideal suspension system will vary based on budget limitations, terrain type, vehicle setup, driving style, and overall vehicle goals you’d like to achieve. If you’d like to further discuss which ICON suspension system is right for you, contact one of our product specialists at (951) 689-4266 or email [email protected]

• What is your warranty?

Lifetime warranty on all components, springs, and weldments. Shock warranty is limited to manufacture defect for 12 months from the date of purchase. The ICON Delta Joint features a 5 year warranty.

• How do I get ICON product updates and technical information?

Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media (@ivdsuspension @iconalloys), check out our blog, or contact your local ICON dealer.­

• What is the ICON Delta Joint?

The Delta Joint is a heavy duty high angle ball joint that combines the performance characteristics of a uniball with the durability of a traditional ball joint. Click here for more information on the ICON Delta Joint: news.iconvehicledynamics.com/deltajoint/

• Do you make shocks for vehicles not listed on your site?

We can provide custom built shocks for a variety of applications. We will need a few important features of the shocks, including extended length and mounting orientation. The best option is to work with your local ICON dealer to create a Custom Build (CB) number with the specifications that are required for your application. We do not guarantee fitment as we rely on you for the measurements, there is no warranty included on custom built shocks.

• Where can I get my ICON shocks serviced?

A full list of our Authorized Shock Service Centers can be found here: news.iconvehicledynamics.com/tech-support/shock-service/

• How do I become an ICON distributor?

Please fill out a Distributor Application Form here: news.iconvehicledynamics.com/distributor-locator/become-a-dealer/