ICON Vehicle Dynamics is proud to announce the 2007 to current Jeep Wrangler JK 4.5” suspension system line up. Hours of development on the computer, on the lift, on the shock dyno, in the desert, and on the trails and slick rock of Moab have resulted in what ICON believes to be the best suspension systems on the market for the Jeep JK. While the ability to flex and the delivery of a soft ride tend to be a focus with lift kits, ICON’s 4.5” Suspension System aims to strike a perfect balance between wheel travel, articulation, ground clearance, and precise on and off-road handling characteristics. With these goals met, ICON-equipped JK’s can take on rolling desert whoops at upwards of 50 miles per hour, crawl over obstacle-riddled trails, and drive back home in comfort all in the same day.


One of the major benefits of the ICON 4.5” JK systems (or any ICON systems) is that they are comprehensive suspension solutions, not “lift kits”. Nobody in the high performance offroad suspension market currently designs and manufactures the fabricated components, springs, and high performance shocks from under the same roof. That forces the end user to mismatch components from multiple manufacturers that not only aren’t designed to work together, but carry different manufacturer warranties. With ICON, all the components necessary for optimal suspension performance are ICON-engineered, ICON-manufactured, and made in the USA. By doing this, ICON is able to create shock absorbers, coil springs, link arms, track bars, and all associated parts to work in conjunction with each other and extract maximum performance out of the Jeep JK.


In standard ICON fashion, quality and performance are never sacrificed in development of the staged systems. From Stage 1 upward, ICON suspension systems feature some of the most refined components available for the Jeep JK at all price points. All series of ICON shock absorbers for the JK are manufactured in-house, fully rebuildable and revalveable, and tuned specifically for the application. The fabricated components utilize the latest manufacturing technology and are powdercoated for long life. The dual-rate coil springs are cold wound, shot peened, heat-treated, phosphate primed and powder coated to guarantee a corrosion and sag free life. Moving up through the staged systems introduces additional components, larger shocks, and more technology. ICON link arms and track bars utilize dual-rate bushings and PTFE-lined rod ends which isolate vibration, control suspension deflection, increase responsiveness, and maximize articulation. ICON 2.5 shocks feature a larger body, bump zone, and increase the damping capability of the system as a whole. Features like the ICON CDC Valve (Compression Damping Control Valve) and the two tube bypass adjustability of ICON OMEGA Series shocks can be found in the upper end of the JK 4.5” suspension systems.


With the ICON 4.5” Jeep JK suspension systems, the on and off-road driving experience of the vehicle is transformed. ICON systems have been torture tested from the treacherous terrain of the Baja peninsula to the slick rock trails of Moab in an effort to bring to the market one complete suspension solution. Forget the standard of the “Brand X,Y,Z” lift kit, and make ICON Vehicle Dynamics your only choice for JK performance suspension systems.


  • Increased ground clearance, wheel travel, and articulation over stock
  • Level front to rear stance
  • Out-handles other JK kits on the market both on and off-road
  • Track bars and links utilize dual-rate bushings and/or rod ends for tuned vibration isolation, controlled deflection, and maximum articulation
  • High-steer flip kit provides proper steering geometry without a drop pitman arm
  • Stainless Steel high-steer taper adapter eliminates drilling factory knuckle
  • Dual-rate front and rear coil springs guaranteed never to sag
  • 2.0 and 2.5 ICON shock absorbers are fully rebuildable and revalveable
  • 100% returnable to stock
  • made in the USA

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