A ribbon as tribute to the 8 lives lost August 14, 2010


Last year a tragic accident took 8 lives and changed countless others at the MDR California 200 race. The culmination of these recent events has led the Off -Road community into what has been called, the darkest times for Off- Road.

The California 200 has been a great race to compete in or just attend


The MDR California 200 always takes place the 2nd weekend of August and has been the race to attend, whether you’re suited up and behind the wheel of a race vehicle or on the side lines in the pits. So on the one year anniversary of this tragic accident, many people, companies, teams and shops all came together to reflect and pay respects to those who lost their lives at last year’s event.

Memorials were planned at Slash X Bar in Barstow, CA; and another memorial at the crash site in Lucerne, CA. On August 13th gatherers were treated to an amazing memorial site at Slash X with trees, lights and the California 200 Memorial Ribbon. A raffle also took place to benefit Fast-Aid with a wide variety of companies donating great prizes.

A summer thunderstorm rolled into Barstow, giving a relief from the heat and a nice contrast in the summer sky.



This remarkable tribute was made possible by the following contributors.


Many of the people involved felt it would be right to have a memorial at the crash site. People arrived as early as Friday morning to camp and continued to file in until early afternoon on saturday.

Large campsites spread across the Lucerne Valley race course, pitting where they were for last years race.

















At 7 P.M. the time the California 200 typically started, over 30+ trucks and vehicles filled with supporters gathered at the Start/Finish line area in Lucerne Valley where the race would have taken place. After lining up for a photo, the wide band of drivers solemnly made their way on to the course and up towards the Rock pile where the accident took place. With all of the trucks doing a slow pass across the Rock pile, each parked and gathered at the site for a moment of silence for those that perished that tragic evening in 2010. Then promptly at 7 P.M. in Slash X and 7:35 P.M. at the Rock pile, the 1st responder CHP Helicopter circled over head, with the pilots waving to everyone as a sign of reassurance and support for the Off-Road community.


Everyone one in attendance was invited to a centralized pit just off from the Rock pile for an evening gathering with a free BBQ, camp fire and music. It was a great way to cap off a somber weekend being surrounded by others in the Off-Road community that were affected by this tragedy.

A few of the racers that were in the race last year decided to put their fears behind them and in honor of those that showed their support here at the memorials, finished the lap that was never finished on August 14th, 2010.

Racers took off into the evening twilight to complete the lap started last year.
Another photo donated by fellow offroaders.


ICON Vehicle Dynamics was proud to be a part of the events by donating prizes for the raffle and food for the BBQ. Nearly all of our employees were able to make it out to pay their respects. ICON would like to thank everyone who came out to show their support for the Off-Road Community including the other companies and individuals that donated other prizes and food and a special thanks to Gonzalo Garcia for snapping some of these awesome shots.

Dirtsports is revisiting the California 200 tragedy in an upcoming issue.